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Xealos is a consultancy involved in all aspects of visual communication. There is nothing more critical to the success and effectiveness of an organization or company than how it is perceived. We at Xealos fully understand this and endeavour to come up with effective strategies to create a wholesome image and communicate the desired image. With 9 years experience in creating corporate identity systems, promotional literature, packaging, website design we will ensure that your image is consistent at a very high standard through out the various mediums and applications. Good design is an essential component of effective marketing, increased awareness and profitability.


We believe in building relationships and being the strategic partners to our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their business and their marketing objectives. Adhering to strong ethics we assure you of our commitment to high standards and creativity in responding to our clients needs.
Before you even name your company or your product, that is the most ideal time to consult a designer and engage his professional direction. Ideally they are there to guide you in the naming process and creation of the identity and give that product or company a face which will stand out among other faces. And through out the life of that product or company the designer is there to ensure that the image is maintained.

The services provided by Xealos are such that from creation of the identity through all the various applications of that identity, a uniform face is communicated to the public at all times and at all contact points within your organisation.
Below are the various services provided by Xealos:


Corporate Identity

> Logo design
> Brand ID Manuals
> Brand ID Management
> Product Naming
> Stationery

New Media

> Website Design
> Interactive
> Portfolios,
> Company Profiles
> Catalogues
> Manuals


> Annual Reports
> Dossiers
> Brochures
> Newsletters
> Magazines
> Diaries
> Posters


> Book Jackets
> CD Sleeves
> Product Packaging
> Labels

Signage Systems

> Outdoor
> Indoor
> Vehicle Livery
> Banners


Offer consultation services to both design and advertising agencies and also non profit organisations which may need design guidance and strategic brand development, awareness and management.



A monthly online arts and culture magazine which we founded and maintain. Latest Issue

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